Decks, Porches, And Sunrooms


What do you want to use your outdoor space for? Morrison’s can help you purpose your deck, porch, and sunroom accordingly. What this space should serve -grilling, lounging, parties, privacy and more, how to think about accessing the deck from the house and the yard, and how it can complement a home’s architecture.

Maximize Your Homes Value: Deck

No matter what kind of home you have, a deck brings visual interest to your property and easily upgrades your outdoor living space. A well-built deck is a great way to add livable square footage to any home and provides the perfect spot for entertaining guests. With the popularity of decks soaring, investing in a deck project can bring nearly 75 percent back on your investment if you sell within a year of construction.

More space and accessories. Decks are now being built far grander in scale than in the past. Multi-level decks with room for outdoor accessories like a grill, spa, fire pit or kitchen are becoming very popular for those who want an outdoor extension of their home’s living space. Sustainable materials. Homeowners and builders are now using sustainable materials such as pine or composite woods when constructing a deck. By considering long-lasting responsibly sourced or recycled materials, outdoor living and going green can go hand-in-hand.

Big Ticket Upgrade: Sunroom

By providing tons of natural sunlight, a sunroom is the perfect addition to your home’s livable square footage. A room for all seasons, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while still getting the benefits of an indoor living room. Many homeowners find a sunroom to be the perfect area for a comfortable TV room, dining room, kids’ playroom or even a spot for all that workout equipment that’s been stuffed in a closet for years.

In years past, a sunroom was considered an enclosed deck space, similar to a screened-in porch. These days, sunrooms are being built with the same materials as the rest of the home, making them comparable to any other indoor space. Large windows have taken the place of screens, while quality flooring materials have made indoor/outdoor carpeting a thing of the past.

Get Out Your Rocker: Porches

Porches connect your interior to the exterior, provide additional living space, keep you connected with your neighborhood and give you the perfect spot for dining outside. They can be small and simple, in the front or back of your home, or large four-season wraparound spaces.

A transitional space, a well-planned porch can breathe new life into a weary house. It can improve or even transform the appearance of your home, making a nondescript front door more pronounced or adding dimension to a flat-face structure. Details like beadboard ceilings, columns and well-chosen hardware can boost curb appeal and add personality.

You may be giving an existing porch a much-needed face-lift or adding a new one that will improve the look and circulation of your property. No matter what kind of porch project you have planned, you need to carefully consider your goals. Ask yourself questions on how you plan to use the space, considering your options and budget.