Kensington Replacement Vinyl Windows

Kensington Replacement vinyl windows are the most energy-efficient residential windows on the market today. Homeowners could save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their homes!

Windows can be biggest source of heating and cooling energy loss in homes.

By dramatically increasing the R-Value performance for energy-efficiency, Kensington Windows can generate the significant heating and cooling savings that make them a brilliant home-improvement investment.

Advantages of Kensington Replacement Vinyl Windows:

Energy efficient – with R-values of up to R-5.6
Advanced Thermal Technology
Cost effective- click here to see how they pay for themselves.
Classic Architectural Features and Styles
Impeccable Quality- Kensington HPP replacement vinyl windows and doors are made from the highest quality vinyl and require almost no maintenance.
Worry and Maintenance Free- Unlike wood, these vinyl windows will never rot or require endless painting.
Unlike aluminum, these vinyl windows will never pit or flake.

Transferable limited lifetime warranty and glass breakage.

Kensington Vinyl: Affordable Performance

Kensington replacement vinyl windows and new construction windows are the lowest cost way to gain indoor comfort and energy savings. The energy efficiency, beauty, and care-free maintenance make Kensington Windows the ideal window for any home. Other replacement windows lack the thermal performance and maintenance free features that are built into these windows. KensingtonWindows vinyl product line will help you save money in energy costs and deliver the quality window that you demand.

All Kensington windows have performance innovations that increase comfort, save money, and look great.

Kensington Window vinyl products are available in an array of colors, styles and designs, and allow you to customize your windows to match the interior and exterior of your home. Product lines include:

Quantum2 600 Series:

The Quantum2 window sets the standard for vinyl windows and has earned the reputation of being among the finest in the industry with unparalleled energy efficiency, strength, durability and style. These are the highest quality vinyl window in the market and will deliver phenomenal energy savings and thermal performance. *R-5.6 full-frame double hung windows *These same windows are currently being used in the Empire State building, saving them $BILLIONS each year in energy costs

Huntington 501 Series:

Huntington 501 Series offers incredible thermal performance at a reasonable price. Their energy efficiency, beauty and workable design make these windows one of the top vinyl windows in the market today.

*R-5.3 full-frame double hung windows

Kingston 300 Series:

The Kingston 300 is the perfect window for a tight budget. These windows contain the features most requested by homeowners in one affordable package. With up to an R-3.7 value, this is the most economical window in our portfolio. You will be more than satisfied with its aesthetic appeal, maintenance and worry free comfort, and energy performance.