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Job completed for Kristen O’Connor

Completion date: February 10, 2014

Location: Pittsfield, MA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customers were wanting an entirely new bathroom for their home.

Solutions provided:

This Job consisted of a complete gutting and remodel of an entirely new bathroom. Nothing stayed! This required demolition of the old counter tops, faucet and vanity, lighting fixtures, toilet, tile, flooring, shower and walls. Once completely gutted, reframing according to new bathroom blueprints and layout occurred. Appropriate plumbing and electric were then applied. The shower was moved against the back wall, leaving the space more open and inviting. The bathroom sink and vanity were moved to where old shower once was. Next, consisted of properly insulating and sheet-rocking the walls. Tile work was completed in the shower and throughout the bathroom floor. Soon thereafter, finish work took place; this consisted of painting, fitting and installing the shower/bathtub, the vanity, sink, & counter top, and the toilet. Lastly, ventilation, and lighting were placed.