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Job completed for Christopher

Completion date: August 11, 2015

Location: Pittsfield, MA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer was needing an update to the exterior of their home and chose vinyl siding.

Solutions provided:

On this project we carried out a complete siding replacement; including removal of old siding, acquisition and replacement of new, modern, vinyl siding, shake shingles, and shutters, and fitting and testing of new product after completion.

On this specific job, MHI in consultation with the customer selected vinyl siding because of its versatility, easy maintenance, and lower cost to fit in to the customer’s budget. The customer agreed upon the insulated vinyl siding for a more energy efficient choice. Not only does this product help to insulate your home but also protects your home in extreme weather events, and protects against rot and decay. For this particular consumer aesthetic appeal was also top priority. He chose a beautiful vinyl siding and shake shingle with one of the highest levels of color retention for siding products on the market today.

Photos & Videos:

Vinyl Siding Before Image

Vinyl Siding Before Image

Vinyl Siding After Image

Vinyl Siding After Image