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Job completed for Tyler & Richard Malik

Completion date: September 30, 2013

Location: Great Barrington,

Why did the customer contact us?

Tyler Malik and her husband Richard approached Morrison’s Home Improvements with the view of our company providing the most energy efficient windows. They wanted their home to be eco-friendly, and be as green as possible for philosophical reasons.

After explaining how valuable these fiber glass windows would be to their views and beliefs, the Malik’s were more than happy to have MHI install these energy-efficient windows.

Solutions provided:

Tyler Malik and her husband, Richard, decided they wanted their new home to be “really green,” for practical as well as philosophical reasons. “Our two main concerns were energy efficiency, because we wanted to escape the utility companies as much as possible, and eliminating toxic materials from the home, because my son and I are really sensitive to chemicals. We also wanted to reduce the damage we cause to the environment,” Tyler said. “We think we achieved all of those goals.”

Indeed, the new home they moved into August 2012 is about as environmentally friendly as possible in New England. It has earned an Energy Star award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a high rating on an efficiency index known as the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).

The Maliks built their 2419 square-foot house in an open field southwest of downtown Great Barrington—with a spectacular view of East Mountain. The view dictated lots of east-facing windows, but windows tend to be among the biggest energy losers in any house. The Maliks turned to a super-efficient window system, installed by Morrison’s Home Improvement in Pittsfield, that allows in heat and repels cold in the winter; roof overhangs help keep out the sun in the summer. The windows are among the most obvious of the features that make the Maliks’ house super-green.