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Reviewed By: Rhea W
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Comment To Steve and the entire Staff:
Thank you very much for being so much more than just our general contractor. I cannot express my pleasure enough from start to finish and everything in-between. We chose to have our work done while we were in FL for the winter because we did not want to live through the noise, mess, and inconvenience of not having a kitchen or master bathroom; we had the wood floors refinished too and that is an entire mess in and of itself. Any second homeowner who thinks they have to be around to micromanage any type or scale of remodeling should speak to me; it is not at all necessary when you have a superior, trustworthy contractor like Steve. We had complete trust and confidence in you and your crew before we left for the winter. The communication between us was constant with emails, photos, and phone calls. Questions and concerns were answered immediately and anything that was important to us was just as important to you, no matter how small or large an issue. Everything came out beautifully and if something did not meet our expectations, it beat our expectations. Each crew focused on the details and it shows in the quality of the workmanship. We expected to come back to a very beautiful but dirty house, understandable with the amount of work we had done. That did not happen. Even the cleaning crew did an exceptional job and we did not have any dust from the floors being refinished on both floors. That is remarkable! We will recommend you to everyone who needs any work done and will use you for everything we need done in the future. So glad we found you! Thank you again for a very easy and rewarding experience.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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