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  • Monday,September 9, 2019

Marilyn and I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased we were with the bathroom installation you did for our Pittsfield Home. I was around during much of the month that John and Kelly were working with your staff of plumbers, electricians, etc. I tried not to be too intrusive, just taking a look every once in a while, but watched that small 7x9 room get stripped to a skeleton and then gradually take shape as a new bathroom.

I was often working downstairs as John and Kelly worked upstairs and they were unfailingly courteous and attentive, careful to keep dust to a minimum, and expert about thier work. I so admired John's technical skill knowledge, I was tempted to become his apprentice just to learn the craft, whether it involved wood or ceramic tile or electrical work or building code. Kelly had clearly gone through just such training with great success as well.

I was able to trust them to take care of the house when I could not be present and to make the whole process seem natural and effortless, even when it meant taking out and replacing a bathtub that strated to display a manufacturing defect just days after it was installed. I was impressed by the complexity of things I always thought must have been simple, as they worked with machinery and materials in our garage, our yard and on the second floor, yet by the end, the entire workship disappeared without a trace and we were left with a new bathroom.

And while I'm complimenting the work, let me say that Ashley's coordination and communication were superb. This kind of construction can be unsettling and she always let us know what we had to decide and how the project was proceeding.

Many thanks,

Ed and Marilyn Rothstein