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Testimonial From Weiss

Dear Steve,

It has now been about 9 months since we moved back into the house that you renovated/reconstructed for us. I know how frustrating this project was for everyone involved. No one expected all the problems that we would encounter when we embarked on what was intended to be only a minor bathroom renovation. Cindy and I were extremely pleased with the patience and understanding demonstrated by you and your crew during this project that essentially became a rebuilding process due to the extensive internal structural damage, faulty wiring and duct-work and the myriad other code violations created by illegal renovations done by the previous owner. 

I cannot praise enough the professionalism and craftsmanship of your crew. They are the best advertisement for your business. They were always friendly and courteous and simply a joy to work with. As you know, we have previously built 4 other homes form scratch, and although I am not a professional carpenter, I can recognize when someone takes pride in the quality of their work and has the skills to deliver a superior product. Unfortunately, my memory is not sufficient to recall all of the names, but suffice it say that we are grateful to each person who worked on this house, not only for the high quality of their work, but also for their courtesy that helped us tremendously through this traumatic process. 

As for you, it was a pleasure working with you we had our differences at times, which may be expected given the scope and expense of the project. But, there was never a time when I lost respect for your professionalism. As I said, this is not our first rodeo with home building and I am proud to say that your and my relationship during the project was akin to working with a friend and I continue to consider you a friend. As for your family-staff, I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to your office and conversations with your daughters. I especially enjoyed joining them in teaming up to give you a hard time - only because you also enjoyed it. I envy you having your daughters work side by side with you. It must give you a lot of satisfaction and pride. 

Sincerely Yours,