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Testimonial from Bernard F


Work Done: Roof

Date: October 1, 2012


Dear Steve,

My family and u want to share with you details of our experience replacing our roof and offer you our thanks.

Earlier in the year I sough to replace my 35-year old roof with new asphalt shingles and remove an out-of-date solar panel. I requested and received three estimates from different firms. While your estimate was not the cheapest, it was to me the best value, because of the level of comprehensive detail you provided and the guarantee of workmanship you offered. Additionally, I was impressed with the comprehensive knowledge you demonstrated when you patiently and clearly explained the roof replacement process based on your companies extensive roofing experience. You described the process for the removal of the solar panel and the disposal of the old shingles as well as the features of the underlayment, venting, and roofing choices.

Once I had contracted with you to replace my roof, you were proactive on providing status updates and conveniently started the project a few days earlier than initially planned. Your team was unfailingly polite, professional, hardworking, and respectful of the property. The team cleaned up the worksite each day and answered questions clearly when asked.

As the project advanced, it became clear that the old roof had left rust stains on our eaves that impacted the appearance of the new shingles. You and your team quickly responded by painting the affected areas and adjusting the gutters to best effect. I had the sense that you were making decisions based on what is best for the homeowner, and not what would have been easiest for the team.

I find my new roof to be a valuable asset to my property and I am delighted with its attractive appearance. Thank you again for making it happen and delivering what you promised.


Bernard Fallon
Chesire, MA


Contractor Comments: This was not a typical roof removal and replacement as we first had to remove the dated solar panels. Once this task was complete deconstruction of old roof began. Due to the damage on the eaves from the old shingles, once the new ones were in place, painting to areas of shingles and adjusting of gutters was required.