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Testimonial from David and Janess


Work Done: Kitchen

March 13, 2014


Dear Steve and all of the crew:

We were lucky to have found Morrison’s Home Improvement when we did. We were in the market for replacement windows and were so impressed with their product and the professionalism of the staff that we asked about additional home renovations we had in mind. First off, Steve Morrison loves his job and his dedication to quality is infectious. His interest in assuring that we were getting what we wanted never ceased. We truly valued the company’s ability to help us zone in on the best way to stretch our budget in order to get our priorities met. The team organized the work so that we could stay in the house as long as possible; thereby, lessening the period of time we were displaced. Working with all of the folks at Morrison’s was a delight. The crew is composed of real craftsmen who take pride in their work and offer creative solutions that make the end result the best. We highly recommend Morrison’s to anyone considering home renovations! To the completed the majority of the work on our home renovations, John D, Ray, and Mike to name a few, and to all of the other employees at Morrison’s, many thanks! You are the BEST!

David and Janess Sheets


Contractors comments: The Sheet’s originally approached Morrison’s Home Improvements with the view of replacing their windows, as they were so impressed with our products and professionalism, further requests were made for further home renovations. At the end of their home renovation projects, not only did the Sheets have some of the best windows on the market, but they also had a beautiful, modern, open plan kitchen. The work for this project involved demolishing a wall, rewiring and re-plumbing, installing brand new wooden floors and shaping of modern, custom granite counters, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures.