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Testimonial from Harb & Mary


Work Done: Siding/Decking

Date: September 12, 2010


Steve Morrison,

Our recently completed project was large and complex impacting several areas of our home over a two-month span. Despite the size, complexity, and duration of this project- this was without a doubt the BEST home improvement experience in our 40 years of home ownership.

  • The team was very skilled. Additionally, they had a “do it right” attitude that was demonstrated repeatedly. They evoked confidence.
  • The team conducted themselves well and always pleasantly. The team kept the area neat with prompt removal of debris. When they moved from outside to inside work they would always remove their shoes and take steps to avert creating dirt and dust issues in the home. If there had been children present, there would not have been a need to cover ears, as we had experienced with other companies.
  • Management applied the resources and materials needed for the timely completion of the project. Often working weekends and evenings to get the job done. They were on the job each and every day promptly.
  • Communication between Morrison’s Home Improvement and us was outstanding. A very short cycle time between a question arising and closure. Never has communication with a contractor been easier.

The bottom line:

Morrison’s Home Improvement not only met, but exceeded our expectations.

Our thanks to you and your team for an exceptional performance.


Best Regards,
Harb and Mary Garabedian
Dalton, MA


Contractor Comments: This job, though extensive do to the size and nature of the home, was a straightforward replacement of siding, which included removal of old material, acquisition of new material, Completing the installation of the vinyl siding, along with the construction of a new deck and stair case.