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Testimonial from John S


Work Done: Windows/Addition/Porch/Siding

Date: April 28, 2008


Dear Steve,

I wrote to you back in January to describe how pleased I was with the Kensington Quantum 2 Windows that were installed in our house last summer. We have noticed more even heating throughout the two levels and there are no longer “cold” areas as you approach the windows. The sun porch had the most significant improvement in the heat retention and we were able to lower the thermostat and sill maintain a comfortable, even temperature throughout the room.

At the time I thought we had saved on our oil usage, but with the dramatic increase in oil pricing it was difficult to determine that from the checks I had sent to the oil company. However, last week I had the chance to call the oil supplier and was able to get the actual gallons used for the last three years.

I was surprised to find that we had used 400 gallons less oil during the last year than the average of the 3 years prior. That is a decrease of 40%! This is a conservative number, because the oil tank is full now as we head into the summer season and that delivery was included in the total for this years usage.

We had replaced double glazed, 19 year old Marvin wood windows that were in good condition so I was not expecting a large improvement in efficiency. We expected the main improvement to be in the heat distribution and comfort levels of the house. Now we have both efficiency and comfort.

The 400 gallon savings is quite large in gallons and represents savings of almost $1,600 a year at the latest price of oil at $3.99/gallon. The timing for this home improvement could not have been better and the payoff will be much quicker than we had originally estimated. Thank you for your part in recommending this great product and for the expert installation servicing that came along with the windows.


John Schulte


Contractor Comments: This letter entails just how supreme our Quantum 2 window is above the rest. For this particular customer MHI had previously been contracted for 5 other jobs, including: New vinyl siding, replacement of two sliders, a new front door and sidelights, a new front porch, and addition.