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Testimonial from Ron & Louise

Work Done: Siding

Date: November 11, 2013


Dear Steve,

Louise and I want to thank you, your office staff, and the team that worked on our home improvement project for an excellent job.

The on site team was professional, worked diligently, finished on schedule and never hesitated to answer any and all questions.

We also want to thank you for your involvement and commitment to our project. With all the other jobs we are sure you had on-going, we always felt that our job was at the top of your list. You responded quickly to any and all questions and concerns. We were most impressed with your commitment to quality and ensuring the right amount of repair was done when necessary.

In conclusion, Morrison’s Home Improvement certainly is on our recommendation list when asked by anyone for a “quality-fair” contractor.

Thanks again,
Ron & Louise Beals
Pittsfield, MA


Contractor comments: As a general contractor, on this project we carried out a complete siding replacement; including but not limited to: removal of old siding, choice consultation of new, modern, vinyl siding, fitting and testing of new product after completion.