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Your roof’s primary duty is to protect your home beneath it. While roofs serve the important purpose of aiding in insulation, energy circulation and temperature regulation, their styling and aesthetic appeal also contribute to the value of one’s home. These days, there are a number of different materials and styles that can fit a wide range of budgets and offer a good return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

Certified Roofing contractor

Most homeowners today understand that there’s a lot more to the installation of a new roof than just nailing down a few shingles. An effective roofing job requires advanced technology and an integrated systems approach to protecting your biggest asset – your home. That’s why we use quality GAF-ELK products.

High Quality Materials

The GAF-ELK Roofing System Solution has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, meaning that Good Housekeeping stands behind the products in this system.

For quality roofing on a budget, BASIC 3-TAB shingles are a good choice. For an upscale look or a more dramatic shingle design, an ARCHITECTURAL or DESIGNER shingle is recommended for achieving both beauty and value!

Energy Saving Upgrade

Solar roofing panels! Turn your roof into a green project. On a typical roof, solar shingles are installed every five to six rows. They can be incorporated into almost any shingle choice, so blending in is not a challenge. Solar panels might be more on the pricey side, but they pay you back with lower utility bills that over time make a huge difference.

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Testimonials from roof
Sue Schwartz testimonial Sue Schwartz testimonial
After the large picture window complex was put in, the large living room went from 62° to 67° in less than two hours, being heated by a small gas fired wood stove. Normally it would take about 4 hours to heat the same roof.
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Testimonial Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Testimonial
I compliment you and your roofing crew for a job professionally and timely completed. The roofers arrived when promised and immediately set to work stripping the old shingles from the roof.
Kathleen Cashin Testimonial Kathleen Cashin Testimonial
Steve explained all options and provided me with a multitude of choices. He gave me time to reflect and question. Workers were timely and professional. They did a great job. I would highly recommend Morrison's Home Improvement
Testimonial from Bernard F Testimonial from Bernard F
Earlier in the year I sough to replace my 35-year old roof with new asphalt shingles and remove an out-of-date solar panel. I requested and received three estimates from different firms.