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Renovation & Remodeling Services in Nassau, NY

Morrisons Home Improvement

Whatever the motivation for fixing up your home, there is only one company to contact for help in Nassau, NY. For all your home improvement projects, Morrison’s Home Improvement is the company to call. 

We are a family-operated business that believes “Any job, big or small. We do it right or not at all!” This means we take pride in what we do and we do it well. We believe that you deserve only the best and we strive to give you the best.

Whatever your renovation or remodeling needs, we can help you achieve them. Need a new room for a new addition to your family? Converting that empty space into a home office? Creating an outdoor area that can be used for parties and gatherings? We have the people, the skill, and the equipment that you need to make it happen. 

Home Improvement Services in Nassau, NY

We can help you achieve the dream home that you want with the home improvement services that we have. Our services include the following:

Window Installations and Replacements – Replace old windows or have new ones installed in a new home with our window installation service. Improve your home’s energy efficiency by choosing windows that help reduce energy consumption.

Interior Renovations – Renovate and remodel parts of your home to make these more functional or simply to give it a fresh, new look.

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Exterior Renovations – Thinking of adding a sunroom? How about a new deck or porch? Do you want to replace your current siding or roof? We can do all of these for you.

New Construction – If you are building a new home, you need a contractor you can trust to do the job the best way possible, and we are the company to trust with such a job.

Handyman Services – No job is too big or too small for us, which is why we offer help where we can help. Whether you need to have screens installed on your windows or want to fix your drywall, we have the people who can do all of these for you.

Property Management – We can also oversee your property for you when you need us to step in while you are away.

We also offer other services such as:

• Plumbing

• Electrical


• Custom cabinetry

• Wall removal/ restructure

• Build-Outs

• Sub-Flooring

• Resurfacing

• Flooring

• Drywall

• Painting

• Crown molding

• Plaster repair

• Tile setting

• Interior waterproofing 

Also included in our list of offerings are our fire damage, flood damage, and storm damage restoration services.

Trust Morrison’s to Renovation & Remodel Your Home in Nassau, NY

We offer superior service coupled with great customer care to ensure that you not only get the home that you’ve always dreamed of but you also get a company that cares to do it for you. In Nassau, NY, no other home improvement company comes close to the dedication that Morrison’s Home Improvement gives when it comes to helping you with your home renovation, repair, and remodeling needs.

Call us today at 413-923-6121 to schedule your free estimate or visit our Contact Us page and fill out our form so we can get back to you with answers to your questions.