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The Finely Crafted Huntington Line Installed by Morrison's Home Improvement Specialists

The Huntington Line are finely-crafted, vinyl replacement windows that can improve the beauty and energy efficiency of your home. Each individually-constructed window has special features that provide the ultimate in strength, durability, comfort, and trouble-free operation. Kensington Home Performance Products' windows are constructed with fusion-weld frames and sashes, internal chambers filled with insulating foam dual-weather, sealed-reinforced vinyl interlock to prevent air and water infiltration and more, making them the perfect choice to maximize the indoor comfort of your home.


  • Powered by KensingtonGlass with Southwall Heat Mirror® technology to boost thermal performance
  • R-5.3 full-frame double hung windows*
  • Duel HPP Interlock System
  • Increased comfort with less draft in winter and reduced solar heat in the summer
  • UV protection to reduce fading
  • Helps improve home energy efficiency
  • Reduced condensation
  • Can contribute to LEED® credits


  • Fusion-welded frame and sashes for superior strength
  • Foam-filled, multi-chambered frame and sash for added insulation
  • Maintenance free vinyl surfaces
  • Contemporary frame for added curb appeal
  • Six-degree welded sloped sill for optimal water runoff
  • Heavy duty bug screen frame with fiberglass mesh
  • Dual weather sealed, reinforced interlock prevents air and water infiltration
  • Heavy-duty, extruded aluminum screen frame with BetterVue™ mesh deters holes and tears
  • Custom exterior colors are available, just provide Kensington HPP with a sample of desired color.
Quantum2 Energy Star Award

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